Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sorry all of this is coming late- Sept 16

Dear Family-

Bastilan ang aso nasa tabi ng bahay namin-papatayin ko siya and hello to you all!! I still dont know what is happening to the time. Man, it just keeps speeding up. I am looking at these pictures that you all sent me and it amazes me. Brady looks like he is 15 and he looks like he got way skinny!! Way to rock it Brady ha! Unfortunately, this week was yet another week that just pressed on. I hate to dissapoint, but this week was a lot of fixing in our area. Reviving the ward missionary program, fixing investigators that were messed up last week when Elder Saunders got sick and didnt want to work, and continually spreading the gospel. Yesterday we actually did have a cool experience. Yesterday we went on splits-Elder Miranda and I. He went to the less-actives in Majayjay, and I went to our appointments with Joseph, and Cora. Joseph is our Ward Missionary Leader and he is awesome. I have learned more from him than anyone else on my mission. I am probably closest with him than any one else here in the mission. He rocks people's socks. Cora is a ward missionary that is preparing to serve a mission. She has 11 brothers and sisters in her family and works constantly to help support them. She has one of the most amazing testimonies I have ever seen, but is stopped from going on a mission because of some health problems that he has. They are easily fixed in America, but here the medicine is extremely expensive so she not only has to work to support her family, but has to work to save enough money to be able to buy the medication that she needs. She is such an awesome person. With Joseph, Cora, and myself, we make quite an interesting team!! Yesterday we went to the Esquillio family. The family and his children are members, but the father got divorced and married again and the children of his new wife are not yet members. We have been teaching this girl called Glisel. If anyone can say they have been led to someone that has been prepared by the Lord for them, I can. Glisel is one of the humblest, cleanest, young women that I have had a chance to teach. Plus, Cora is the young women president in our ward so it was perfect. We started teaching them back in the day when Quimsing was still my comp, but some things arose which severed our teachings to them. Yesterday we taught them the Restoration again and it was a teaching to remember. There are 5 of them. Three of them are members, and the other 2 arent yet. It was those 5 plus us 3 in this tiny room. As we taught you could just feel the spirit practically speaking to you-testifying of the truth that we were hearing. Obviously Joseph Smith's story is my favorite to teach because it houses so much spiritual power, you would have to purposely harden your heart (which, unfortunately, people do) not to feel the truth. We explained Joseph Smith's surroundings, why he couldnt come to a conclusion, and what he read in the bible. We went forth with the first vision and it was solid power. I have never said the first vision with such effect before-ever. It was almost as if every word I said was drilled directly into the heart of all those who were listening. We got done teaching and Glisel asked how she could know that what we said was true. We told her about prayer and explained that the Lord gives to those in need who have righteous intentions. We committed her to pray and said we would leave a closing prayer but we asked to kneel. By this time one of their friends came in and was listening. We all kneeled down on the second floor of their little house-9 in all, and offered up a prayer that was the "opp" that broke the little ball in "Horton Hears A Who." There was an aura that fell upon us that is indescribable. After it was over I just looked up with nothing to say and everyone was just stunned. Solemn. That was my cool experience. Yea, no one was brought back from the dead, but someone was brought out of darkness-just as good!!

That is pretty much all. I am way jealous that you now have cold. I tell everyone, cause they all ask what color Utah is (cause the Philippines are green year round), that Utah has every single color you can imagine-and they are constantly changing. Here, it is hot every single day haha. One day I will be able to wear a sweatshirt again!! I was told something this week that definitely had an impact. Joseph was a temple worker in Manila before he moved back to Majayjay. He didnt have a wife at the time which means, obviously, you dont need to be married to be a temple worker. Hopefully such an opportunity will come my way. I do get 8 hours in the temple before I go home, but I want to be able to work there. My toe is ok I suppose. I have gone back to wearing shoes (cause my crocs are about finished) and obviously it isnt the best, but its ok cause it makes me look like an actual missionary. The problem is my scab keeps getting wet (cause of sweat) and getting ripped off so its never gonna heal. I was supposed to go back to san pablo a week after I left for the doctor to check up on my toe and tell me if there is anything that I need to fix or start doing, but obviously I am 2 hours away from san pablo so I cant go back. There is only one doctor here-and I was referred to him. The only problem is he is an OB/GYN and not a podiatrist so that might pose problems who knows, but I am keeping my own. Funny story about the package deal. Because the schedule was changed in the mission, I receive mail only once a month now. So, I will tell you when I get the package. The problem is I get Dear Elders, letters, and packages a month after they get here, and if the APs forget, 2 months-hence I am always late responding to stuff:/ Please get that picture-that would be awesome. And I REALLY need that picture that I specified-the one at the very first baptism with the two little children dressed in white with the parents and siblings in the background. Other than that, things continue onwards. Sent out a letter today so that should get to its recipient...2 months after I get back haha. Hope you all are doing well and keeping awesome. I heard something that really meant something to me yesterday-

"Never let a child wonder if He or She is loved by Heavenly Father or by Jesus Christ"

I second that motion.

With tons of Love,

Elder Muller

ps-pig skin that still has hair on it but has been "cooked" is NOT delicious...dont try it...never again

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