Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sept 27

Dear Family-
This week, like other weeks, the Lord continues to bless our work, our companionship, and our area. It is really difficult to explain this week because the things that I experienced are, honestly, best as told by the spirit. The email does no justice whatsoever, but hey, that is how life goes. Last P-day we called all our investigators together and we had a family home evening at Joseph's house. After we started we watched the Restoration which always invites the spirit. After we got done we asked them if they had any questions and Alona spoke up and was like "yes, I have one," and while she was speaking she was in sort of a deep contemplative state, and, paraphrased-"I couldnt believe more in Joseph Smith if he was standing right in front of me." I dont think that there is any work on the face of the planet more rewarding than missionary work. The only thing holding Alona back is her marraige. She is 26 and has a child, but her boyfriend doesnt want to get married. It is kind of like a thorn in the side of her progression because she cant be baptized in her current situation. Missionary work is a funny thing-you get really close to your investigators-to the point that when they hurt, you hurt. The other day we were teaching her and she was like "elders, can you explain again why I cant be baptized right now?" We explained the law of chastity and how important it is to be clean before the Lord and she was like "yea...I read it in Jacob...how sin involving a man and a woman is 'abominable' in the sight of the Lord...that means...I...I am abominable in the sight of the Lord" It wasnt the easiest thing to hear because of the sadness that beset her when she said it. But we went over with her that the Lord condemns the sin, and loves the sinner. Not because they are sinning, but because of the potential they have to become clean yet again-because they are his child. It was a moment when the gospel provided that light at the end of the tunnel. At the end she was like "elders, there is something that has been bothering me...why are you all so patient at teaching me?" At first I didnt understand what her question was and so I was like uh...please refrain...and she was like "you all know that I cant be baptized right now, why are you so patient in your teachings when you know that I wont be able to be baptized right now, why dont you just leave me and come back when I am ready?" We reassured her that we would be here even after her journey to baptism was finished and she was starting her life anew and that she would never be alone. I dont think I could find a cooler investigator if I contacted every single number in the phone book!!!!

We also have an investigator named Maria. She also has a problem with her marriage, but has one of the strongest testimonies that I have ever seen. I have never seen any other investigator that has gone through more trials than she has. The Lord is preparing her for a great work-I can feel it. We went on splits the other day with our APs and Elder Lee (my zone leader in Lopez) and I went to Maria. It would take 5 pages to explain what happened so all I will say is hearts touched, the spirit felt, minds changed, and problems solved. End of story.

I recently had a really heavy convo with Joseph. Although he has alot of trust in me, he tells me things regarding extremely personal stuff that he most definitely SHOULDNT, but he does anyway. We got talking and we got on the topic of patience. He wants to make changes in his life because of lack of church activity of someone he knows (cant get any vaguer than that:/) and I told him that while we may be able to see (or think we can) a few miles ahead in our own lives, sometimes we can barely see a few feet into the lives of others because of situations, problems, and opinions that we still dont know about yet. He asked me to explain so I went into the story about me as a youth and my distance from the church, going to college and having my mind changed because of the patience someone had with me-although I told her many times she was wasting her time. It made me look at myself before, and now and made my jaw drop at how much I have changed. I am almost embarrassed at how I lived before I served a mission. Its amazing how change happens when you dont even know its happening. Scary thing. Anyways, I suppose that is how the cookie crumbles.

Today we had a zone activity. Sister Clave is now going home and so we had a zone home evening at our (elder Miranda and I) apartment. SIster Clave is one of those people who inspires you with every move they make. She is known throughout the whole mission and rocks peoples socks. She said something earlier that I already knew but made me think "a missionary's success isnt measured in their baptisms, key indicators, or proficiency in a language. It is measured by the change that takes place in the heart of the person who serves the Lord." She is just one of those people who you want to be like because they radiate with the light of Christ. She returns to her mom down south in a couple weeks and she is going to tear it up. It just reminds me of the song "each life that touches ours for good" I have always been surrounded by strong women in the church-growing up, going to college, and in the mission.

Yesterday, on the other hand, was definitely NOT a good day. There was an explosion in Majayjay in which I was 100% involved. I tried to fix it and only more damage happened. Such is life...and drama:/ Hopefully I will be able to fix it in this coming up week.

I really am sorry about my emails. I am on splits with elder Monnett, and will be until wednesday and we are chatting it up and having a blast. I dont even know what I am typing half the time so sorry if my emails are k-mart quality. One of these days I will be able to get a decent email out that is worth reading and has at least one worthwhile joke in it so I dont seem boring:/

I hope you all are doing well. I am having a blast. My companion, area, and zone are absolutely amazingly amazing. Hope you all didnt fall asleep reading my email. Tandaan-mahal po tayo ng ating ama nasa langit!!!!!

Mahal ko kayo-
Elder Muller

ps-bakit di-makalipad ang calibou hahahahaha:D-gotta love tagalog jokes!

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