Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Trunky Week.

I am so so ready to get a new area and a new companion. How was Hawaii? Man that is so cool. Was the water way cool? Was it hot? Today we had a zone activity and we went to this beach and chilled for most of the day. It was way way good to just relax because we work 7 days a week and our p day is scrambling to get things done for the upcoming week. In our zone we have 4 (3 elders and 1 sister) being transferred so we wanted to have one last get together so we went, played some volleyball and badminton and had a blast. It is way way good to be able to chill again haha.

That is AWESOME about Jules and Melanie. I cant believe that that kid is getting married ha. I remember walking home from TJ one day and we were over the bridge over rt. 15 and I was like “dude, I wonder what our wives are gonna look like” and he was like “I don’t know” haha man o man. I cant believe that that kid is getting married. I wish I could throw him a fat congratulations because getting married is a HUGE milestone. I wonder when and where it is gonna happen. Cool beans huh?

The time with Elder San Francisco has been dragging along slower than dad on the interstate (love ya dad). Elder Francisco, like I have said many times, doesn’t like to work. He just wants to go chill with members and stuff. The other day he wanted to wait for some sisters to come work with us because we scheduled with them last Sunday and they were at the church for a meeting and no one had any clue when they were gonna be back or anything and he wanted to wait there. We were already late for our first appointment and it was gonna take like another 20 minutes because the girl that we were teaching lived on the boundary of Lopez, Quezon and outer darkness so it was still gonna take a little bit to get there. Elder San Francisco and I definitely aren’t the best of friends that’s for sure but we get the job done. As for pictures and stuff like that, obviously my camera is still broken but I have made friends in high places and have gotten an extra 80 pictures from people so I have a ton to send back. I will send it here in a bit, probably after transfer day. I am getting lazier and lazier with my writing. At first it was way fun, and now it is like…oh…I still need to write 7 other missionaries, 3 other sisters, 4 friends in the states, my family, 2 teachers, and in my journal. Yea, not the funnest thing I have ever done ha but I and nagtitiis hangang wakes (enduring to the end) so hopefully I will get around to responding in this next bit:/

As for the Polynesian cultural girl story, Elder Perry says that there are a lot of Filipino people that go to BYUH. I see adds here for it all the time and apparently the entrance requirements aren’t too hard but it is one of the schools that accepts Filipino education.

I hate to give you all a weak sauce letter, but it is like 5:20 and I need to go. This next week is gonna go by SOOOOO SLOWWWWWWLYYYYY. Please remember to put pictures on the memory cards that you are sending back. I will send my memory card out in the mail here in a little bit. Love you all, and I hope you all keep dominating. I AM STOKED FOR FRIDAY WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. Plus I get mail:D

Man, I have less then 18 months left. That is weird to say. I remember when it was week 1 in the MTC. I have become really really good friends with a guy who also went to USU (he lived in this place called Merrill hall which was like 2 minutes away from me haha) and so haha we have this plan of stuff to do when I get back haha. He is a transfer ahead of me so he will get home 6 weeks before me. I know another elder in the mission who went to USU too, and there is a sister who lives in Logan. That makes, including the kids in the MTC, 6 of us that are gonna rock Logan when we get back. Hopefully Bernard (that guy who lived in Merrill hall) will have a room available for me in the spring so when I go back to USU I wont have to hop into the cutthroat market of looking for an apartment:/

I love you all and hope you are all doing well.



Aka Elder Muller

Ps-sorry again for the WEAK sauce email

Pss-Why in the WORLD is Brady FIVE SEVEN? He is only flipping 13. If that kid becomes taller than me…oh man. I will be eating my words for the next 12 years…

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