Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One more for good luck

> Ok, I am going to try and reply because I came back to the place where we email for another elder (they just got back so we had to bail on our appointments) so I will continue responding. First, I have a story.
> Earlier today, before we went to the place where the waterfalls are, we stopped in this city to get some food (the place where we bought the fish that got left on the jeep-nee). I was sitting down when I looked up at this lady who looked less then respectable wearing 2 pairs of underwear 6 inches above her waist. Like when a child pulls their pants up to their chest to emulate erkel-that is what this woman looked like. I looked at her and let out a chuckle and looked at elder Banawan and he laughed with me. Well, apparantly the lady saw me and was offended because she got her revenge by coming over to me, singing "we all need someone to LEAN on..." horribly I might add. I started dancing cause she was obviously trying to embarrass me because I laughed at her so I fought fire with fire and she ran her hand through my hair. I was like WOAH and she laughed and walked off. I asked how to say creepy in tagalog but no one answered. Yea, so I got my hair felt by a creepy filthy woman who needed a shower today. That was fun.
> Your thanksgiving sounded way fun. We did nothing special for thanksgiving. I woke up and elder Bernard, another american in our apartment, was like "today is thanksgiving" and all I could think about was how you guys were going to be waking up and eating delicious food and gathering together and having a blast. I wish I was there to put up the christmas tree with you all. Can you send me a picture? Ha the good ol christmas lights. That reminds me about last year when I put it off until like the last minute and you asked me to do it and it had snowed like 12 inches and they still werent up and it was like december 22nd. Ha. Sorry about that:/ Why in the mud didnt dad hang the lights? Just dont pull a clark griswald haha:)
> So, elder Lee is done so I have to go now. Sorry I didnt email more again. Love you all so so much:)
> Love,
> Jake
> aka Elder Muller

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