Monday, February 8, 2010

My everyone email

> Dear Family (and friends)-
> I am sorry to say that I have no cool stories here in Lopez for this week. In all honesty, it was kind of a stressful week. My companion speaks so fast it is almost impossible to understand him, and when I ask him to slow down he just smiles and keeps going. He is kind of a lazy kid-I want to get out there and work and such and he just goes to the appointments and sits. I have to literally call on him to teach in order for him to say anything. It kind of sucks because I will be the one doing all the talking and he just sits there so after I have exhausted my whole tagalog word well supply it is silence…until I speak again. He seems like the kind of kid who likes to sit around when there is stuff to be done only because there is stuff to be done. Ha I used to be that kid and now I cant stand not doing anything its weird. I need to make decisions and constantly be on the move. I have also become a lot cleaner. Ha gotta love living on your own and what it does for you!!
> As for the how long I have been gone, this I know haha. My little countdown has circles shaded in and markings of important dates all over the place. My 6 month mark is on March 2. Man, I look back at how my mission has been and I almost wish I could slow down time. I cant believe I am almost ¼ of the way through my mish. Haha well, as of March, only 18 months left. I have decided I want to eat at outback steakhouse when I get back as the first thing that we do. I want a fat enormous disgustingly expensive steak as my first food in America. Rice and spaghetti gets…old…
> On a cool note, Tatay Largo and Jayson Largo have been ordained to the office of priest. It was way cool cause I am way close with that family and they mean a lot to me. Its gonna kind of suck leaving, but I am WAY excited to get a new area. Think of it as a little area trunky haha.
> That is so insanely exciting that Ben got baptized. Ha I am so stoked to get the pictures.
> Jake Peterson went out for basketball with me Junior Year at Roy. He is a cool kid and he is gonna make an amazing missionary!! Tell him I say hi.
> I sent 7 things out in the mail today (both sets of grandparents included) so people should be getting responses fairly…well, in less than a month. That is cool stuff about your anniversary. Where did you guys go? Haha Happy Anniversary. Sorry about my…forgetfulness. I have 10000 things on my mind daily and so it is easy to forget important things. Sorry sorry sorry!
> It is so cool how my testimony has exploded in growth in these past 2 months. I have become more self reliant, diligent, and smelly (the water smells…that’s the reason I promise…). I am gonna have to make a bold statement by saying that serving a mission was the single most important decision that I have made in my life. My priorities have shifted. For example-before my mission, the first thing I wanted to do when I got back was get a gsxr (a bike that I want.) Now, I want to eat a steak, get a job…THEN get the bike. Ha yep mom, its still up there:) Plus, the bike that I want is not in the Philippines, but yesterday I saw two of them that these guys imported and it only reawakened my burning desire. Mmm hmm, gsxr, here I come:D
> Anyways, that is all for this week. Sorry-nothing amazing at all. I will try to have some cool things happen this week.
> Until then-love always,
> Jake
> Aka Elder Muller

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