Tuesday, January 26, 2010


> Dear Family-
> So today was a tragic day. I came to the internet café earlier to email you all and I had this nice fat email all nice and planned and then Lopez decided to have a brown out so all my stuff was lost. I will give you all the speed demon version of it.
> One of our investigators-the one whose husband left her and her two kids decided to get drunk and try to drive a bus. He totaled the bus and ended up getting his leg cut off in the accident. The operation that he needed to save his life is gonna cost 500,000 pisos and the bus will cost anywhere from 500,000 to 1,000,000 pisos to replace. Right now he only has a 50/50 chance of living. I feel way bad for them because there is NO way in the world they are gonna be able to afford all that. He was, before he decided to leave the family, the only source of income for them all. Sad times. Why would you get drunk and try to drive a bus? I wonder if they found the leg that he lost…
> We also had a baptism last Saturday. The baptism of Tatay Largo happened and when he got up to bear his testimony he started crying and it was way cool. We are hoping to baptize his son, Jason, this coming up Saturday. The wife is still a little bit hesitant, but all in good time.
> Yesterday I went on splits with Brother Dieta (a guy in our ward who works with us often) and we were walking up the hill in one of our areas when I looked up ahead and saw this white guy. I practically ran up to him and shook his hand and I was like “you don’t know how good it is to be able to speak English to someone else!” Brother Dieta is fluent in English-I was just breaking ice if you know what I mean. We started talking and it turns out he is from England. He met his wife at the UN because both he and she work there. He looked to be like 45-50 and they had a 2 year old kid. Late bloomer I suppose. He brought with him his mom and his dad and I felt like I was in a harry potter movie. It was way cool. Their accents were way cool to listen to also haha.
> Elder Banawan gets transferred this Friday. Friday is transfer day. It is in San Pablo City so we have a nice 5 hour bus ride one way ahead of us. Ha I cant wait…It is kind of a sad day cause Banawan is being transferred and I am getting a new companion. Only one more transfer left in Lopez, and I will be transferred to a big city with malls and cool stores and NO MUD!!! I get mail on Friday so I am stoked for that! I also get to see Elders Hansen, Johnson, Harris, and Sister Andreason. They are my “batch” coming from America to here so that is gonna be way way cool too.
> So, that is that. Another quick story-so all the trikes and jeepneys out here have names painted on them. It is the owner’s way of personalizing the transportation. The name can be a football team, or the name of a daughter of the owner, pretty much anything. Well, today I was walking and guess what name I saw on a Jeepney? Jerry Louis. I started laughing and Elder Lee, the elder I was with at the time, was like why in the world are you laughing and I was like haha dude it’s a family joke. Thought I would share that with you all.
> As for the camera thing-please buy a poor man friendly camera, but not one that is trash. Preferably a cannon, but if they are too expensive just get me one that uses an SD card. Sony and Olympus don’t use SD cards so they are out of the picture. Please run the price by me before you buy it.
> The weather is has been cold…er at night recently because of the rain that has been going nonstop. I am way jealous that all you guys have snow constantly. That is what im talkin about. I get mud and rain haha.
> I cant believe that the day is coming that Benjamin is gonna get baptized (is that bad English? Probably…) I still look at him as the baby of the family and I cant believe that he is already turning 8 years old holy COW. Why is everyone so old? Please send me tons of pictures of him and dad in their white suits. Man. Ha downright amazing.
> I had a cool experience yesterday. These two people from Lucena came down to Lopez to work with us. One of them was mute, and the other was his translator. The cool part was the mute kid, a Filipino, was fluent in ASL which meant he could only read English. Ironic cause one of the only Filipinos in the area that can speak English cant actually speak English-only think in English. Cool huh?
> I want to apologize for the weak sauceness of this email. Earlier today I was typing explaining all my cool stories and my funny experiences and we had a random brownout. Please tell Brady that I am looking forward to him emailing me and responding with skill. Hey Brady, do you remember when I smacked you with that paddle accidentally at niagra falls KOA? We went canoeing and I spun around and dominated you? Ha, just randomly remembered that…I look forward to hearing from you B-Rizz.
> That is life in Lopez. I am glad that my memory card got to you. Please FILL IT UP as much as you can with videos cause they are so so fun to watch. Elder Hansen in the MTC sent a camera to his friends back and forth and they all recorded messages for him, and he responded to them. Fun times.
> I hope you all are doing well and staying warm. Please tell Brady that I miss my queen size serta more than ever before and I want him to send it via UPS right away. Oh man, that mattress is going DOWN when I get back. Please tell the whole family that I say hi and that I wish them well. Mothers day is approaching quickly!!
> Love you all,
> Jake
> Aka Elder Muller
> Sorry again for the skimpiness of this email. I had to retype this all in like 20 minutes cause my old one got dominated. Time for a haircut!!

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